The Waitlist option is available only through the Praccie Diary, this is the Diary accessed directly through your SimpleClinic login.

Client's cannot add themselves to the waitlist from the online booking. 

To add a client to the Waitlist, you have two options:

1) Go to Diary -> Click Add to Waitlist in the top right hand corner

2) Right click on the preferred date for the client -> Add to Waitlist 

Note: The date entered needs to be using date picker, if the date entered is in an unsupported format it will revert to the current day's date and the client will not appear on the waitlist after that date.

Regardless of the way you have added, you will see the following screen:

You can add either an existing or next patient. 

Fill in the preferred date.

The notes section can be used to include any additional information such as preferred time and other relevant information.

Accessing the Waitlist

To access, go to Report Centre -> Consultation Reports -> Waitlist Report.

This will show all patients that are on your waitlist with a preferred appointment date greater than or equal to the current date.

You can CSV export the report if needed.