When upload/creating videos using Vimeo, your default video privacy settings will be PUBLIC. Public means that anyone (yes, anyone) can watch your video.

If you are a Plus user or have a higher-tier paid subscription (such as Pro, Business, or Premium), you will also have access to a couple additional, granular privacy settings:

The setting we suggest using is Hide From Vimeo as this will make the video unable to be accessed on the Vimeo website (unless you are logged in as yourself), but it still can be embedded on other websites such as SimpleClinic programs. 

Paid users also have access to domain-level privacy, which means that you can choose what specific website you want to allow your video to be embedded on.

To change your settings:

Open a view from your video library-> Select Privacy on the right hand side.

You will see the the below menu in Privacy - Sharing: 


Links must be the default link provided by Vimeo, like the screenshot below, customised links is a new feature from Vimeo and these will not work in SimpleClinic Programs.