If a client has contacted the clinic having trouble making payment for an invoice online, use the below points to troubleshoot why the payment could have failed:

  • Is the card expired?

  • Were the details entered correctly?
    • If using Square, if the postcode entered doesn't match the billing address, the payment could be marked as fraudulent. 

  • Are there sufficient funds on the card? 

  • Is the client based or using an international card?
    • Internet payment gateways (EziDebit, Stripe, Square) utilise a variety of factors to determine whether or not to process a transaction.  International transactions, whether it be an domestic or international card, or purchaser from outside Australia, will always carry a higher risk profile than domestic transactions. When a credit card fails risk assessment we will only see a generic do not honour code.

  • If using Square, please check you have set your Square to take card payments. If you are not set up for this, online card payments will NOT process. Please review Square's getting started guide and ensure you have not missed any steps - click here. Verification with Square can take up to 4 business days. 

  • If using Stripe, please ensure you have verified your bank account and identity. Stripe will NOT be able to process payments to unverified accounts. Please review Stripe's getting started and ensure you have not missed any steps - click here.

  • If using Stripe, ensure your API keys are set to LIVE DATA. If you have integrated the test API keys, payments will not be able to process. Please review documentation on integrating SimpleClinic and Stripe by clicking here. 

  • If a patient gets the below error when making an online Square payment: 

    o    This means the clinic has not completed their identity verification in their Square account.

    o    Before they can accept card payments through their Square account, they’ll need to complete the last step, which includes a basic identity verification. To complete the activation process:

    o    Sign in to their Square Dashboard > click Setup Guide.

    o    Select Get Paid > Verify Your Identity