Programs can now be created in the new programs module. This article below explains how to manage enrolments for programs created in the old program module. We recommend you do not create new programs in the legacy module as they will no longer be supported.

Your course will need to be created first before you are able to receive and mange enrolments for your course. For steps on creating a course - click here.

If there is a recurring amount involved on your course, you will need to add credit card details to the client file from Patients -> Payment Details.

After this add your client to the course from:

  • Programs
  • Select your course
  • Create enrolment
  • Select the patient
  • Choose the fee schedule
  • For the immediate payment due, it will redirect to the invoice screen to pay. 
  • Recurring amounts will auto bill the client. If you have credit card details on file, the recurring amount is charged to those details. 

Clients can enrol themselves for courses by using the public created when saving your course. This can be used on your website linked to an "enrol" button.

When the course enrolment has started, either initiated by you or the client they will receive an automatic email.

Below is what the client sees when they select enrol:

If the invoice for an upfront payment payment is left unpaid, the enrolment will start. If the client is not going ahead with their enrolment, delete the invoice. 

To view current enrolments, you can do this from Enrolments.

You can:

  • View active enrolments
  • Cancel enrolments (Cancelling enrolments will cancel all associated billing cycles and terminate the clients access to the course)
  • View inactive enrolments