Before getting started with the below steps, your course material will need to be created first before uploading to Programs, for a checklist on what information you will need - click here.

On this page: 

  • Creating Inventory Items
  • Adding Materials
  • Adding Lessons
  • Create Course
  • Enrolments
  • Notes on course activation

Please also note that some formatting may not be supported if you are copying text from another resource. We suggest to either type information into SimpleClinic or paste in plain text and format within SimpleClinic.

Creating Inventory Items

1. First, create your inventory items for any fees associated with the program. 

  • If your course is complimentary, you will need to create 1 inventory item that is $0 
  • if your course also has an upfront payment, you will need to create an inventory for the value of the upfront payment
  • if your course also has a payment plan option, you will need to create an inventory item for the value of the ongoing payment.

Adding Materials

2. Select Programs from the left hand main menu -> Materials

3. Add New ->  Materials are going to be your resources sent to clients such as videos, handouts etc. All of these resources need to be uploaded first before creating your course. 

  • Name of material (i.e Week 1 - Stress Resilience)
  • Content - description of material
  • Type -> Video, document or inline
  • Upload the file
  • Save

Please note: if you are modifying materials, please delete them from your lesson first before uploading new materials. 

4. Once all materials are uploaded, go to Lessons

Adding Lessons

5. Click Add New ->  Add each lesson one at a time. All of these lessons need to be created first before creating your course. When adding lessons, please ensure to add them in a preferred order as this is how it will display for the client when accessing their course.

You will need to add:

  • Lesson name.
  • Lesson introduction/summary (this is best kept to 100 words or less).
  • Lesson content.
  • To add resources, click ADD MATERIALS in the top menu -> Select your material from the dropdown menu -> SAVE
  • Linked materials to be sent to student as part of that weeks lesson. The FIRST resource you add will become the FEATURED content shown for the lesson. This could be a video, image or document. 
  • PLEASE NOTE: If you don't add ANY resources to a lesson, it will show an ERROR when the client accesses the lessons. We recommend adding resources to ALL lessons - this can be an image, text, PDF or video.

(Please note: If you edit a lesson or add additional information in the future, these changes will updated for any enrolled students.)

6. After creating ALL lessons, click on Courses.

Create Course

7. Click Add New to add your course.

You will need to add:

Course name.

Introduction/summary, this best kept to 100 words or less. (More information is added on the landing page of your website).

Featured image, this must be either 1080 x 1080 px SQUARE or 1920 x 200 px RECTANGULAR

Select SAVE.

8. From the top menu -> Add Fees

  • Name of fee schedule (I.e Immediate Payment).
  • One Off Fee, this is the fee that will be charged at the time of enrolment. This can be used as the first deposit for the course OR the total amount if offering upfront payment.
  • Ongoing Fee, this will be the fee charged for each cycle. (I.e $70 a week).
  • Ongoing Frequency, (Weekly, monthly etc).
  • Ongoing Cycles, the number of cycles the payments will continue for. (I.e For a 6 week program, the cycles would continue for 6).
  • Select your billing item from the inventory
    • if the fee schedule is an upfront payment, or $0, select the inventory item for the upfront value 
    • if the fee schedule is a payment plan, select the ongoing payment inventory item price
  • Is this fee schedule for in clinic booking only? 
  • In clinic only fee schedules will not be visible to clients booking and paying online
  • An example of this would be a free program that you include as part of a client's treatment protocol. 
  • In clinic only fee schedules will be shown on the front end only IF the praccie is logged into their SC account.
  • Select SAVE
  • You can define MULTIPLE fee schedules and students can choose which option they prefer.

(Note: Once a schedule is added, it cannot be deleted)

9. Click Add Lesson -> Select the lesson name from the dropdown menu

10. Choose the lesson delivery. Will this lesson be available immediately or drip method? 

 -> You can set triggers for when lessons are available such as delaying a lesson release by 7 days after enrolment date. You can use a combination of immediate and drip delivery -> SAVE.

 -> If a lesson is dripfed, the client will receive an automatic email when the lesson is available. There are no other triggering events available for how lessons can be delivered.)

11. Order your lessons here by adding a number into the ordering field. 


12. Once details are added, click save. 

13. Edit your email notifications. Each program comes with basic emails that get sent out on Enrolment and to notify for New Lessons. Use merge tags to personalise the emails and add more detail so that your patients know who it came from and what to do next. More information on and available merge tags for these emails can be found here


14. To add a client to your course, there are two options:

a) Add course to your website, you will need to copy the public link and add this to a landing page. The public link can be connected to an "Enrol" button.

    - for the immediate payment due, it will redirect to the invoice screen to pay. 

    - recurring amounts will auto bill the client through Billing Schedules. You must collect the clients payment details.

       Collect payment details over the phone or email the direct debit agreement to the client to complete. See step 9           

       of the Billing Schedule steps for how to do this. 

b) Enroll them internally by following these steps: 

    - Click create enrolment -> select the patient -> select the fee schedule -> save

    - Go to patient record -> open invoice -> take up front payment 

    - For payment plans you will also need to add payment details to the patient record for the scheduled payments to occur

15. Clients will receive the following notification pop up when they have successfully enrolled online:

    - If a client reaches out, you can use the Patient Portal invite by clicking here. 

    - or include the Patient Portal invite in your course description.

Notes on course activation

a) an enrolment is activated when the enrolment has no up front payment and only on going payment. 

b) an enrolment is activated with an upfront payment and the initial payment paid. 

c) an enrolment is activated when there is no upfront payment and no ongoing payment.

d) patients need to sign up to the patient portal to access the course material, it is not emailed to them. 

e) if the enrolment email is setup, patients will receive the enrolment email when the enrolment is created.  They will not have access to the course until activated.

f) The patient will not have access to the course material in the patient portal until the enrolment is active.  This is not active until paid.