We have chosen to integrate SimplePrograms v1.0 with StripeConnect for payments & MailChimp for marketing.

StripeConnect is a marketplace payment provider, if you already have a Stripe account - it will create a sub account in your existing Stripe account.

You will be required to complete a new account submission when connecting SimplePrograms to StripeConnect. This process will take approx 5-10 minutes and we recommend completing this new submission on a computer as it will make it easier to enter the required information for your account - (It is not advisable to do this on a phone/tablet).

If you are not already verified with your existing Stripe account, you will be required to submit proof of identity.

When integrating, you will be directed through the process step by step of linking your StripeConnect account.

1) Login to SimplePrograms

2) Click on Business 

3) Connect Stripe

4) Follow the prompts to be submit a NEW Stripe account. A StripeConnect account is not optional.

Why StripeConnect? StripeConnect maintains the payment details for the student, making it possible for the student to be enrolled in multiple programs from multiple practitioners without needing to enter their details in every time they enrol to a new program. 

This also allows the practitioner to be collecting payment more efficiently from the student.