The Metabolic Balance program will first need to be created as a service, under services. For steps, click here.

Once that has been done, decide on the payment options you will be offering to the client. Will it be paid in instalments? Will it be an upfront payment? Many practitioners are choosing the upfront payment option as it makes it easier. 

For recurring payment setup, click here.

For those opting to do an upfront payment, simply raise an invoice for the client and add the MB Package to the invoice -> Process payment -> Mark as paid. Once the upfront payment is processed, raise a credit voucher for the client so you can track the redemptions for each visit. Steps to create a voucher are here

Once done, you will need to set up a "Metabolic Balance Follow Up" at a $0 charge. Steps on create $0 services are found here.  You can decide to have this follow up hidden or shown on the online booking by toggling which you prefer.

Another option to consider for your MB follow ups, is that some practitioners like to see clearly how many appointments the client has had on the MB program through the appointment history. This is easily done by create several $0 services under Services (using the above steps) but at the end of the service name have "Metabolic Balance Follow Up 1", "Metabolic Balance Follow Up 2" etc and set the services tor hidden.