In this article we will cover connecting your SimpleClinic account to your Xero account.  This requires a Xero Starter, Standard, or Premium plan.  If you have not yet signed up for Xero you can do this from here:

SimpleClinic offers a 15 minute session to review the integration with you, however we suggest you have read the documents and have a Xero account booking a session, book here.

Once the integration is connected SimpleClinic will send patients, suppliers, invoices, and orders to Xero automatically.  The relevant records created in Xero are shown below.

SimpleClinic Record TypeXero Record Type
InvoiceInvoice (Accounts Receivable)
OrderInvoice (Accounts Payable)

There are three steps to the Xero integration.

Step 1: Authenticate with Xero

In this step you will be redirected to the Xero website to login and choose the organisation you wish to link to SimpleClinic.

For more information about this step see the link here.

Step 2: Configuring your Account Mappings

In this step you will provide us with default settings to allow us to send your orders and invoices to Xero.

For more information about this step see the link here.

Step 3: Optionally Configure Additional Revenue Accounts

In this optional step you can choose to link different product categories to different revenue accounts in Xero.  This will allow you to obtain more granular reporting from Xero about sales of different product categories.

Integration Overview:

Deleting Invoices: If you delete an invoice in SimpleClinic this will void the invoice in Xero. Voiding an invoice is unrecoverable, you CANNOT unvoid a voided invoice.

Hiding Invoices: When hiding an invoice in SimpleClinic, it will also void the invoice in Xero. If you hide and then UNHIDE an invoice in SimpleClinic, this will NOT unvoid the invoice in Xero.

The Xero Integration will allow invoices and orders to be sent to Xero automatically.  This will happen every five to ten minutes after an invoice or order has been modified.  There is no action required on your part for this to happen.

Payments will sync across if you are using a Settlement account.

If you are matching invoices, payments will not be sent across.

When an invoice is sent to Xero, SimpleClinic will:

Create the contact if the contact does not already exist in Xero.

Create an invoice for the contact in Xero based on the SimpleClinic category to Xero linkage.

Add a payment to the invoice created in Xero with the funds going to the nominated settlement account (unless you have chosen to match invoices) to await your bank reconciliation.

The following diagram illustrates the Xero records SimpleClinic will create.