To save your print settings for your label printing, follow the steps below:

On your Mac, open a document, then choose File -> Print -> Click Show Details.

Ensure you have your label printer selected as the printer.

Choose the following print settings to save as your preset:

62mm x 100mm


Black and White

Click the Presets pop-up menu, then choose Save Current Settings as Preset.

Enter a name for the preset, such as "LABEL PRINTING" then choose whether to use the preset for only the currently selected printer.

When coming back next time to print with your preset

Bring up the print preview for your label -> choose File -> Print.

Click the Presets pop-up menu, then choose your preset. If you don’t see the Presets pop-up menu, click Show Details.

You see all presets available for that printer. If you don’t see a preset that you expect in the list, it’s possible that you created that preset for only a specific printer. This means you would need to follow the steps above and ensure you are creating the preset for your label printer only.