Many practitioners are accepting pre-payment for consultations either in whole or in part. When receiving this amount, an invoice is raised by SimpleClinic and automatically marked as paid.

First, you will need to ensure you have vouchers hidden from your sales report, you can do this by going by going to Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Reporting Settings -> Hide Vouchers -> YES -> SAVE. 

If you have the Xero integration enabled, you will be sending this invoices across to Xero to be reconcile with money received into your account. These steps are only relevant if you are set up to MATCH invoices to payments.

On the day of the consult, your voucher can be applied to the invoice to be redeemed.

Create a new invoice in SimpleClinic for the consult ONLY and record the credit voucher -> HIDE invoice.

Then create a second invoice in SimpleClinic for the supps/items purchased and process that payment as EFTPOS -> Send to Xero -> Reconcile with money received into account.

Please note: To avoid having to do manually adjustments in Xero, we suggest that you take 100% of the consultation upfront so you can easily put the consult on ONE invoice and the supps/items on a second invoice.

In all instances, SimpleClinic can only provide technical support. We cannot provide financial advice or give assistance in showing you how to reconcile. Our documentation on how to reconcile is based on Xero documentation, the assistance of a bookeeper should be sought out for any further support required.