Unlinked forms happen  if the email in the form submitted back isn't the same as the one they booked in with. The forms match back based on the email address as this is the most unique field across all patients.

If a form is unlinked, first confirm this by reviewing the notification email sent to your email address when the form was sent back. At the bottom of the email, it will tell if the form was unlinked or if it linked with another client.

If unlinked completely, you would have received a notification at the top of your SimpleClinic screen to say that you received an unlinked form, you will have the option to link it to patient record from there. 

To move view the form response -> top right hand side of the notification-> click here for form 

In the top right can corner of the form screen, click MOVE FORM -> In the pop up window, you can search the client it needs to be match to -> Click the client name -> Your form is now matched to the select client.

If you removed that notification, please email support@simpleclinic.net with the name of the client and our team will be able to move the form to correct client.