Vouchers in SimpleClinic are used in the following scenarios:

  • When a client makes a pre-payment for a service online, a voucher is automatically created for the amount paid to then be redeemed on the date of the consult.

  • When a patient prepays for multiple services. Please note an alternative to this option is to use the Bundle feature. 

Vouchers cannot be purchases as an item through online booking. 

Before starting to use vouchers, to prevent doubling-up of payments in the reports, the Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Report Settings -> Hide Vouchers in Sales Reports -> Yes -> SAVE. 

An example of how Vouchers can be used is if a patient pre-pays for multiple services.  

1) Once payment has been processed, you can;

2) Create a voucher for the value of the services that was purchased by going to Patients -> Select a patient record -> From the action bar, select Record -> Voucher -> Generate a redemption code -> Set the $ value -> The expiry will automatically be set to 3 years, but you can extend if needed -> You can include a note as to WHY the patient has the voucher -> OK.

3) Each time the patient returns to the clinic as part of their program, a new invoice must be created for you to redeem part of the voucher. If a patient has a voucher, the voucher details will appear on the invoice such as below:

4) To redeem part of the voucher, click on the blue + button in the Payments section -> Credit voucher -> OK.

Note: The reports will show the initial payment of the Voucher, but not the voucher redemptions.

Note: In Report Centre, you will find a report for "Unredeemed Vouchers" to see which patients are yet to use their vouchers.

Note: Our suggestion is to have corresponding invoice items for the discount the client is receiving at each appointment so the credit redemptions line up. Or you can apply a discount at each invoice. 


Package A is $400 for 4x Follow Up Consults

Your consults are normally $110, so the client receives a $10 discount each appointment for prepaying for 4 appointment.

Create an item in your inventory called "Follow Up Consultation - Package A" with price of $100.

If you need to create additional inventory items, you can create them following these steps.