This article will discuss how to link SimpleClinic and ActiveCampaign for marketing. Any new patients that are created -- regardless of whether they are created manually, by a new appointment or through online booking -- are sent directly to your email list in ActiveCampaign.

To setup the ActiveCampaign integration, you will need

To integrate you will need your:

  • Api Key
  • List ID
  • Endpoint

If you log in to your ActiveCampaign account you will find these under Settings -> Developer.

Grab the Key and URL:

In SimpleClinic, the Key will needed to be copied into the API Key field and URL will need to be copied into the Endpoint field.

You will find the list ID from Lists in ActiveCampaign. Click on the list you want to sync.

 Will find the list ID in the url. Example: (

All you need is the number! Copy the number back into SimpleClinic under the List ID.

By default, SimpleClinic will already map the patient first name and the patient last name to the FNAME and LNAME merge tags.  If you have defined additional merge tags in MailChimp, you can map other patient data to these fields.

Save the changes to the email settings by clicking SAVE.