To have Vitae Mosiac integration enabled on your account, you will need to access Business Setup -> Integrations -> Click to Connect under the Vitae Mosaic option to request access.

Please note: Vitae Mosiac integration is only available to Vitae Mosiac trained practitioners. 

This article will explain how to:

  1. Create Timelines, Spectrums, Codas, Care Plans and Prescriptions
  2. View patient history

To begin, select Patients from navigation menu -> Select a Patient Record -> from the action bar, click Record -> VM Timeline


Within your timeline is where you can record case history and symptoms as well as assigning scores the symptoms. The default scores are the recommended ones from Vitae Mosaic, however these can be changed on a per patient basis. Once done, ensure to click SAVE.

To add new symptoms, click on the + button in the top right hand corner of the section -> type your own symptom -> hit the TAB key -> give it a score -> hit the TAB key again -> OK.  

Next, click Create Spectrum from the left hand corner. You will be prompted to map the recorded symptoms to timeline fields (see below)

Once done, click OK. You will be taken through to the next screen to review the spectrum and review the information entered, as well as entering in any additional information. The more symptoms you add in, the more accurately reflected the Spectrum will look. CLICK SAVE

The points on the wheel diagram above indicate the total score for each category. The numbers 0 - 16 in the above example are a guide to identify these scores for each category. 

For example, the highest score rating was 16 from the Immune segment, so the point is right at the edge of the segment. The Nervous System point indicates the total score of 14 and the Energy point indicates the total score of 3. 

In the top left hand corner, click create Coda. Once done, click SAVE.

Next, click create Care Plan.

Once you have entered in your information, click SAVE.

To create the Prescription, click Create Prescription in the top left hand corner.

Once done, click SAVE. From here, you will be able to print and/or email a copy to the patient. Below, will show you what the final prescription will look like.

The easiest way to navigate back to the patient record from is to click the patient name highlighted in blue.

Viewing Treatment History

To view patient Vitae Mosaic history, you can view this from the Vitae Mosaic tab under the Patient record.

Under this tab, you will be able to view patient history such as Timelines, Spectrums, Codas, Care Plans & Prescriptions.

If you require any further support please feel free to raise a support ticket by emailing