Naturopathic Yoga is perfect for those wishing to incorporate movement prescriptions into their practice. The below information will explain how you can include Naturopathic Yoga in your prescriptions. 

Before being able to add Naturopathic Yoga to your prescriptions, you will need to first connect to the integration from Business Setup -> Integrations -> Naturopathic Yoga -> Connect.

Once your connect request has been received by our support team, we will be able to enable this feature once confirming your subscription with Naturopathic Yoga.

After this has been connected, you can create prescriptions as normal. Down the bottom of your prescription, you will see the video selection list for you to toggle which videos you would like to incorporate in the prescription. See below: 

Please bear in mind that Naturopathic Yoga videos are being progressively added, the above snapshot was taken on 04/11/20 showing 15 Nat Yoga videos. 

Once you have finished your prescription for a patient, you can click to Email the prescription from the top action bar of the prescription. The prescription will email across as usual, when the patient opens their prescription, they will see the selected videos below:

Once the patient clicks on one of the links, it will redirect them to a new tab to stream the video:

The video will auto play in the browser, however the auto play will start MUTED so the video will need to be unmuted so sound can come through clearly. This is a restriction put in place by internet browsers.

A few notes to bear in mind on the integration:

  • Videos can be streamed only, there is no download option available.
  • Patients will have access to the videos for 3 months from the date of the prescription. If you wish to have the patient still use this video after 3 months, you will need to "re-prescribe" the video using the steps above.
  • Patient payment for the Naturopathic Yoga subscription will need to be set up separately. Steps to do this are found here.