If you recommend or analyse pathology test results for many of your patients, you can perhaps save time by configuring default test results which can be used for all patients. Any additional pathology test markers can be added individually to patients when required.

For example, a clinic specialising in weight loss may wish to configure SimpleClinic to record all body measurements for all patients by default! This can save a lot of time, so you don't have to do this for every client!

Pathology test results are recorded and saved in the Treatment Notes screens for patients.

Configuring the default pathology tests is done in the Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Treatment Note Settings.

Click on the "Set default tests" button. A list of all pathology tests will appear, along with a "Make default" toggle.

Scroll through the list of tests, and toggle the tests you wish to save as the default for every patient. If you specialise in weight loss (for example) you might want to select the following:

Ensure you click on the Save button to apply the changes.