We recommend that you fill in each patient's date of birth (DOB) in the patient record screen! This can help with "safe prescribing" practices, or prescribing correct doses for the patient's age, as per the supplement manufacturer's recommendations. Having the patient's DOB can also be useful for age-related conditions, as well as for demographic reports and marketing purposes! 

If no DOB is saved for a patient, the "Age Required" popup will be displayed when you open the Prescriptions screen for that patient.

You can use the date selector button at the right of the Birth Date prompt, to search and select the patient's DOB. Clicking on OK will save the DOB to the patient record. Clicking cancel will clear the popup reminder, and allow you to complete the prescriptions data.

The popup reminder for the patient's DOB can be turned off, if you prefer, in the Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Prescription Settings section, by changing the "Catch missing Birthdates..." toggle from "Yes" (the default) to "No". 

Then click on the Save button.