Treatment notes are (by default) only visible to the practitioner who wrote and saved the notes, for patient privacy purposes. Other practitioners and reception users cannot see these notes.

In multi-practitioner and multi-modality clinics, one practitioner may wish to have some details of the patient's treatment notes accessible to other practitioners. 

For example, the Naturopath who has been seen the patient, may wish to share some treatment notes to the massage therapist or acupuncturist in their treatments for the patient.

To change the default privacy setting of hiding treatment notes between practitioners, the clinic's Administrator user will be required to complete these steps.

1. The clinic Administrator user is required to login to SimpleClinic.

2. Click on the Business Setup option from the main menu on the left of the screen -> Your Clinic.

3. Click Treatment Note Settings.

4. Toggle the "Share Custom Fields with Practitioners" option to "YES".

5. Click SAVE in the bottom right hand corner.