SimpleClinic allows you to sell your documents, such as handouts, programs, manuals etc, to patients, or to the public via links on your website. You need to edit your website for this feature, by adding the "Embed Code" for each document to your website.

Please note: selling documents will require an EziDebit merchant account.  Contact support for assistance setting up your account.

Adding an Embed Code to your website to sell the Document!

After saving the details for a document to sell, select to view/edit the document and you will see an "Embed Code" button appear on the top left of the Document details screen. 

Click on the Get Embed Code button.

As mentioned in the instructions for this window, you need to have the SimpleClinic "integrations.js" file loaded into your website, in order to use the embed code to sell your documents there. For more information, please check the support article (in the Integrations section) on adding the "integrations.js" file to your website!

Mark and copy the code script from this window, and paste into your website, preferably into the "footer" section of the page that you have for all your documents that are for sale. You can add more than one embed code to the same website page.

See the separate article on how to add the "integrations.js" file to your website.