To enable some of the new features of SimpleClinic, you will need to add the "integrations.js" (javascript) file to your website.

This file will enable your website to link to SimpleClinic and be able to use some new features of SimpleClinic.

Depending on your skill level and the type of website platform you have, you may be able to undertake these instructions yourself. Or if you have a website that was designed for you and is supported by a web designer or other IT expert, it may be advisable for them to add this file to your website instead!

Steps for adding the file to your website:

  1. Contact SimpleClinic support via email to obtain the "integrations.js" file
  2. Access your web platform, login and select to edit the website
  3. Upload or inject the "integrations.js" file into your website - into the "header" section.

For more information about adding this javascript file to your website, please see the relevant link below, depending on your website platform:

  1. Wordpress -  (follow the steps in the "Upload a custom Javascript file" section of this page)
  2. Squarespace -  (Also note the SquareSpace plans which allow this feature, as you may need to upgrade your plan)
  3. Weebly -  (Click on the Theme tab, then click on the Edit HTML/CSS button on bottom left of screen, then follow the rest of these instructions)
  4. Wix
  5. Other - check with your website designer, or your web platform provider's support.

NB - SimpleClinic cannot provide technical support on your specific website platform. If you have technical issues adding the "integrations.js" file to your website, please contact your website designer or website platform support.