With the inclusion of the documents library into SimpleClinic, you can easily attach documents, files, forms, questionnaires, photos etc to patient emails within SimpleClinic! The most common ways for sending documents to patients are:

  1. In the Prescriptions screen, as part of the advice you give them, and
  2. In the Patients screen.

Sending documents to patients in prescriptions screen

Fill in the Prescriptions information for a client as usual. When completed, click on the Email button on the top action bar. 

The email window now has an Attachments section at the bottom, to add one or more files to send to the patient. In the Attachments field, type in at least 3 letters of the document name (as saved for the Document Library), and select the document name from the list which appears.

Multiple attachments can be added to the email if required. 

If an incorrect document was added to the email, the file can be deleted by clicking on the red garbage can button.

When all documents have been added to the email, click on OK to save and send the email to the patient.

Sending documents to patients in patients screen

You can also send documents to patients in the patient details screen.

Click on the Send button in the action bar at the top of the patient details screen. The Send button drops down to give two options, to send an SMS message or an Email.

Choose the Email option to display the email screen.

Type in the email details as needed. In the Attachments field, type in at least 3 letters of the document name, and select the document from the list. You can add more than one document to the patient email if required. 

Click on OK to save and send the email to the patient.