When getting started with SimpleClinic we provide you with some spreadsheets to fill out to send back to us for the initial data import. 

This article describes how to fill out the services import spreadsheet.  

We use this spreadsheet to populate your services and to ensure they are linked properly to your booking confirmation and reminder messages.

The service import spreadsheet contains the following fields that need to be completed:


This field will display the name of the service you offer. This name will appear in: Diary, online booking and on invoices.


This field is the length of your service (including any buffer time you may require), in this field you can include the total time you need for the whole service as we don't display the duration of the appointment to the patient. This is so you as the practitioner can ensure you have enough time after/before an appointment for any packing up, tidying up, note taking or other duties you may need to complete after seeing a patient.


This field will be what links your services to a message template. This is so you can define different messages for your initial appointments and follow up appointments. You can also define service category if you offer other services and modalities such as massage, acupuncture etc. As an example, your reminder category for an Initial Naturopathic Consultation would be Initial Consultation. Whereas, your service category for a Follow Up Naturopathic Consultation would be Follow Up Consultation.

service fee:

This field will display the price of your services inclusive of GST.

linked user:

This field will display the linked user to one specific appointment. If you are a sole practitioner, you would put yourself as the linked user for every service you offer.