You can archive a patient by clicking the Archive button. This can be found by going to Patients -> select a patient record from the patient list -> Ensure you are on the information tab -> On the bottom right hand of the screen, click ARCHIVE.

This action is immediate and will archive the patient and all their details. You will no longer be able to view the patient, their past invoices, appointment history or treatment notes in SimpleClinic.

For legal reasons, patient details should be kept for 7 years after you last saw them, or even longer for a child. However, we recommend you check your legal requirements for record keeping with your association.

Archived patients can be restored by going to Report Centre -> Under Patient Management Reports, choose archived patients -> On the right hand side of the client, click RESTORE.

To easily find an archived client, you can search on the screen using CTRL + F (Windows) or CMD + F (Mac) to bring up their name quickly -> then click restore.