From the SimpleClinic menu, select the Patients option. This will display a patients list.

The top bar allows you to search for your patients. The list is searchable by first name or last name based on typing details into the search box and clicking the Go! Button. 

To search, enter the first three or more characters EXCLUDING spaces. For example, to search for Eric just "type in eri and hit Go! All names matching eri will be displayed. 

Clicking on a patient record will select that patient and open up the patient details screen, with another menu for more information on the patient.

You can add additional fields to collect further information on a patient record by creating custom fields. For more information on this, please refer to this support article.

The patient record screen includes a menu for accessing additional details for the patient, which includes:

  • Information – Provides the patient information and allows you to update information. After making changes click the Save button at the bottom of the page to apply. 
  • Invoices – The invoices panel will provide a list of the patient invoices in a tabular format with quick links to view, email, SMS or delete each invoice.
  • Appointments – The appointments panel will provide a list of all the patient appointments, past and upcoming, with the option to view, or delete each appointment.
  • Messages – The messages panel will provide a list of all messages that have been sent to the patient through SimpleClinic. This only includes messages created through SimpleClinic.
  • Notes – The notes panel will provide a list of all the notes that have been made by clicking Record -> Comment from the action bar (The grey bar next to the search bar).
  • Treatment Notes – The treatment notes panel will provide a list of all treatment notes that have been created for the patient with the option to view, or delete each treatment note.
  • Prescriptions – The prescription panel will provide a list of all prescriptions that have been created for the patient with the option to view, email, SMS or delete each prescription.
  • Payment Details – This panel will allow you to store credit card details with Ezi-Debit or Stripe.
  • Vouchers – The vouchers panel will display a list of vouchers along with the remaining balance and expiry dates. 
  • Forms – The forms panel will display any forms and data completed by the patient when electronic forms are sent to them. The patient can complete forms online, and the data they enter will be saved into SimpleClinic for future reference.
  • Tests -If you have requested pathology using our pathology integration, you will see test results appear here for the tests ordered. You can find out more on our pathology integration by clicking here
  • General Files – The General Files panel allows you to add or view documents which have been uploaded into SimpleClinic for the patient, but those files are not associated with a particular consultation.
  • Vitae Mosaic - This tab is available only to practitioners who are Vitae Mosaic trained and have requested the integration from Business Setup -> Integrations.
  • Pathology Results - This option accesses the forms for the patient, including the pathology results forms and results.
  • Subscriptions - If you are using Packages, any packages your patient is subscribed to will appear here where you can manage their subscription details such as payment amounts and dates.

Please Note: Do not store the patient’s credit card details in any text fields in the patient record! Doing so would be a credit card security breach. Please, instead register to use EziDebit or Square and save any credit card details in the Payment Details tab for the patient.


Contact Support for more information about EziDebit or Square by emailing