Only an Admin user can create new clinic employees in SimpleClinic. From the SimpleClinic menu, select the Employees option. The employees list will appear.

Click on the Add New button to add a new person.

The Employee details screen has several sections:

1)   Name and contact details, role, personal preferences for colours used in the diary bookings to differentiate their times from other practitioners, and a photo. Refer to the User Access Management article for more information as to the roles and permissions each role has in SimpleClinic.

2)   Weekly schedule of hours of availability, and locations on each day. Diary appointments can be booked outside of these operating hours, only manually in the Diary screen, but not via the online booking page.

3)   Provider numbers – add the health insurance fund provider numbers can be added here, which will be printed on invoices.

4)   Branding override – In some clinics, practitioners operate their own separate business, and have their own business name and logo branding. The practitioner can override the clinic's branding with their own, which will be displayed on invoices etc.

Complete all sections as needed and click on the Save button to apply the changes.