How to configure synchronising your SimpleClinic diary to an external calendar. 

1. Go to your email address in the top right of the  screen ->  hover over it -> click on the "Your User Profile" option from the main Navigational menu. 

2. Click on the Link button for the "Calendar integration" option.

3. choose which external calendar service to connect to.

4. Select the external calendar service you wish to synchronise with.  

This article assumes you are connecting to a Google Calendar account.  If you are using iCloud the process is slightly different.  You will be prompted for an Apple app specific passwords for your Apple ID.  This is not your Apple ID password but an app specific password.  This knowledge base article from Apple will explain how to create an app specific password. (

5. Tick the "I agree…" box to agree to the Cronofy terms of service and privacy policy. Cronofy is the application which enables SimpleClinic to synchronise to these external calendars.

6. Click the green "Link … Account" button.

7. Choose which account you wish to synchronise with. Some people may have more than one email/calendar accounts, and all your accounts with the chosen service will be displayed on this screen, to choose the correct account.

8. Click on the Allow button to confirm and continue. 

9. The screen returns to the "Your User Profile" page, showing the Calendar Integration status as shown below.

10. Click on the Configure button.

11. Click on the dropdown list and select your external calendar account. 

12. Click on Save to apply the changes.

NB - If you are synchronising your SimpleClinic calendar to iCloud, please bear in mind that it can take about 5 minutes to synchronise events. Other calendar platforms are much quicker to synchronise!