This article considers one way how you can add an electronic consent form to your forms through the Form Builder feature.

You can complete these steps either from a pre-existing form or you can create a new form if you wish to have a form entirely dedicated to consent.

1) Click Content from the navigation bar

2) Select FormBuilder.

3) You will be re-directed to the below screen, where you can choose one of your existing forms, one from your library or you can start creating one from scratch in the "Form Builder" section.

NOTE: If you are building a form from scratch, make sure you give your form a name (such as Client Consent Form).

4) For this example, we will be creating a new form but the steps will still apply to an existing form! You will need the following fields to create a consent form:

  • Paragraph (This is where you will put your consent information)
  • Radio Group (This is where you will have your required field for them to agree or not to agree)

5) Drag those fields over to the form build box in order.

6) You can edit the fields by hovering over the field you would like to edit and clicking the pencil icon (shown below). 

7) Fill in the paragraph field with your desired information (example shown below). Once your done, hit the "close" button at the bottom of the field you are editing:

8) To edit the "Radio Group" field. You will need to click the little pencil icon again. Use the following image as a reference:

Required: Make sure this box is checked so that patients don't miss filling this section out.

Label: This is the question/statement you would like to appear after the consent information.

Options: Remove option 3 by clicking the little red X to the right. Then change Option 1 to Yes and option 2 to No

9) Hit close on the field box.

10) (Please note: If you are adding your consent to an existing form, please ensure it has a field that collects the patient's email address. If there is no email field on your form, follow these steps.) You will need to add an email field so that when the form is completed - it will be linked back to your patient. You can do this by selecting the "Text Field" and dragging that field over.

11) Edit that field through the pencil icon again. Make the fields as follows:

Required: Make sure this box is checked so that patients don't miss filling this section out.

Label:  Email address

Class: email

Name: email 

Type: email

12) Make sure to hit the SAVE button in the bottom right hand corner.

In addition, you can add a text field for the patient to enter their name and a date field so they can mark today's date as the date they agreed.

Our development is working on an integration with DocuSign to collect signatures on these forms.