When a patient pre-pays for an appointment online, it gets stored as a Voucher. This allows you to provide the patient a paid invoice with their actual appointment date to pass on to their health fund.

To prevent doubling-up of payments in the reports, the Business Setup -> Report Settings also needs updating, to change the Hide Vouchers in Sales Reports setting to "Yes". 

Why is this important? When the pre-payment from the online booking is recorded against the patient file, it will be added into your sales report as your earnings for the day. When the patient comes in and the invoice is created and you apply the Voucher, we don't want that same amount being added into your sales report because you have only received that payment ONCE.

As mentioned, when a patient pays online, your Online Booking and SimpleClinic integrate with each other so that the amount that was pre-paid for is added to the patient file as a voucher.

If your patient continues to pre-pay online, this process will continue to occur and each time the patient returns to the clinic, a new invoice must be created as per usual, selecting the Initial Consultation service or Follow-up Consultation service for the client, whichever is appropriate. You will then see on the invoice screen the "Client Vouchers" where the pre-paid amount is stored.

To record the gift voucher or package consultation as part of the voucher payment, click on the blue + button in the Payments section:

Enter the payment date if needed, the consultation amount, and from the payment Method list, select "Credit Voucher" then OK to save, to record the payment against the Gift Voucher or package.