This article describes how to add or delete the list of attendees for an event.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to charge for your events/workshops you will need to configure a payment gateway. Please see the following link on which payment gateways are integrated with SimpleClinic.

You can access the list of people registered by clicking on the event in the workshop list, and clicking on the View Registrations button at the bottom right of the event details.

Adding Workshop Attendees

New attendees can be added to the registrations list from:

  1. Clients or the public registering to your event from your website, Facebook page, or other advertising, and clicking on the unique event URL and booking and paying online
  2. Clients paying for the event within your clinic or over the phone, and you or your staff can add them using these steps.

At the top right of the workshop registrations screen is the Add Attendee button. 

Clicking on the Add Attendee button at the top right of the screen will bring up the new attendee window:

Enter the attendee's details into all of the fields, all fields are required. Click on OK to save. If the attendee is a new client, their details will be saved, or if they are an existing client, their existing client record will be linked to the event.

Deleting Workshop Attendees

Workshop attendees may decide they cannot attend the event or workshop. If you have limited numbers of people for an event, you will want to remove those who cannot attend from the list. At the bottom of the registrations page is a list of people who have booked in for the event. 

To delete someone who cannot attend, click on the red button (marked with a red rubbish bin icon) on the right side of the screen.