This article describes how to embed the booking and payment for workshops on your website.

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to charge for your events/workshops you will need to configure a payment gateway. Please see the following link on which payment gateways are integrated with SimpleClinic.

When creating a workshop in SimpleClinic, you will be provided with a unique Event URL.  This URL can be shared on social media or your website to allow users to book for your workshop on a SimpleClinic hosted page.

If you wish to embed this on your own website you can use the following code snippet.

<iframe src="youruniqueeventurl?view=iframe" width="100%"></iframe>

Replace the youruniqueenenturl word/text with your event ID from the event's Unique Event URL by marking, copying and pasting this into this code snippet on your website.

You will notice the addition of ?view=iframe at the end of your unique Event URL.  This addition will remove all the branding elements, the banner image, description and social share icons.  The only page element that will remain when using this is the booking form.  This allows your page to provide all the visual and text description for your event.