This article describes how to access the list of attendees for an event.  

PLEASE NOTE: If you intend to charge for your events/workshops you will need to configure a payment gateway. Please see the following link on which payment gateways are integrated with SimpleClinic.

Once an event has been created, you can access this list of people registered by clicking on the workshop in the workshop list.

At the bottom of the workshop edit screen is a list of all the dates for the workshop.  If you have set this as a recurring workshop, each instance will have it's own row.  To see registrations click the View Registrations button to the right of the workshop name.

Everyone who has purchased tickets will be shown along with the date of their purchase, the name, email, phone and number of tickets.  You can download these details to CSV by clicking Download CSV in the top left of the screen. 

Attendees can register but if they don't make payment they will still appear on your registration list. To view any unpaid invoices, go to Report Centre --> Sales Reports --> Unpaid Invoices Report. 

You can also add attendees manually from the top the right hand corner.