Electronic files can be added to the patient record under Patients -> Select a patient record -> Select General Files.

To add a file to the General File section, simply drag and drop into the upload box OR click in the upload box and your file explorer will automatically launch.

Depending on the size of the file(s) added, you may see a progress bar as the files are uploaded into SimpleClinic, and then a tick will appear over the file when completed.

Once files have been uploaded, you will see a list of files on the screen and when they were uploaded. From this list, the uploaded files can be viewed, downloaded OR deleted.

Please bear in mind if you delete a file, this CANNOT be retrieved.

If you choose to view a file, the viewer is only supported with jpeg and pdf files. Any other file types will need to be downloaded and viewed.

Suggested uses for the General Files include:

  • Patient intake documents
  • Pathology results 
  • And other files such as images

Note: General Files are accessible by all SimpleClinic users, including administration and reception staff. For files containing private or personal information, perhaps attach the files to the Treatment Notes under File Uploads instead to restrict their visibility to practitioners only.