When getting started with SimpleClinic we provide you with some spreadsheets to fill out to send back to us for the initial data import. 

This article describes how to fill out the items import spreadsheet.  

We use this spreadsheet to populate your inventory with custom products.

The item import spreadsheet contains the following fields that need to be completed.

  • item_name - This field will display the item name.  Ie. Mediherb 500ml Echinacea or Metagenics Meta Zinc & Vitamin C.  This field will be displayed both to the practitioner and the patient. It’s however you would like the product name to appear in the platform.  It is visible to patients on prescriptions and invoices.  When searching for items, all items that match a search criterion are displayed. The suggestion would be to put the brand name in there if you intend to stock multiple different products with a similar name or wording in them which would make searching easier.

  • cost - This field contains the cost price excluding GST from your supplier.  You can leave this blank.

  • sell - This field contains the sell price including GST that you will charge the patient.  You cannot leave this blank.

  • tax - This field contains whether the item is taxable or not. Please put 1 if the item is subject to GST and 0 if the item is GST FREE.  This needs to be completed regardless of whether you are GST registered or not.

  • category - This field contains the category that the item will be added to.  This is used in reporting, in pricing rules, and in the Xero integration. The category is also however you would like to refer to the group of products.  So you might have liquid herbals, grocery products, supplements, protein powders (etc.) Please note: if you intend to use Xero integration and have a mix of GST and GST free items ensure that you do not mix GST and GST free items within the same category.
    • As a further point to catergories, if you are using Xero in SimpleClinic, multiple categories can link through to the same account in your Xero chart of accounts. So you can make SimpleClinic categories as granular as you want / need them to be and still keep your Xero chart of accounts fairly flat.

      Most people have been separating out practitioner only products, retail supplements, and services as a minimum.  Though you can break them down further if you wanted to.
  • vendor_sku - this field contains the vendor Stock Keeping Unit (SKU).  This field can be left blank. The only time we would use this is if you requested a bulk update of products based on a price list you may have obtained from the vendor.  Even then we have workarounds for this so feel free to leave blank.

  • size - This field contains the size of the product excluding any unit of measure.  For example, 120 capsules would be 120, 500ml would be 500.  You can leave this blank, however it is used to determine when patients will run out of supplements.

  • supplier - this field is the name of the supplier.

  • is_container - If you intend to use the herbal builder, follow the below example on what to fill out:

(click on image to enlarge)

You would type 1 if the item is just a CONTAINER.
Or 0 if it is not a container item (meaning, the item is a liquid component that will be built into a liquid herbal formula).

How this works: https://support.simpleclinic.net/support/solutions/articles/30000030825-using-the-liquid-herbal-builder 

For more information see these articles:


  • product_type - If you intend to use the herbal builder and the item is a liquid herb, or a liquid herb container this should be set to HERBAL. If not a liquid herb, then leave blank.

  • display_name - If you are using the herbal builder this is how the item will be displayed to the patient on the prescription.  For example, your item_name is: Mediherb Echinacea 1:2 Angustifolia Root 500ml but you make the display_name: Echinacea.  Different vendors and item_names can share the same display_name. It's only needed for liquid herbs. 

Note: Most people have been using common names for liquid herbs, not the Latin Names - however you can use either or.

  • unit_price - If you are using the herbal builder this is how much the patient will be charged per mL for this liquid herb. You can also choose to charge at container based pricing. This will then use the price set on the container item.

For NZ Praccies: We take 2 feeds, one for Metagenics and one for Metagenics NZ. We then disable Metagenics NZ for AU praccies and vice versa. 

Please complete the spreadsheet you were provided and return as a CSV or Excel file.

NOTE: If you are unsure of what you will stocking, you can add items into your inventory easily later on down the track! (Instructions on how to add items, here).