SimpleClinic can integrate with email marketing platforms such as MailChimp or ActiveCampaign. These tools can be used to email newsletters, promotions, events or articles to some or all patient contacts. 

If you have configured SimpleClinic for integration with these email marketing tools, when a new patient is added to SimpleClinic or if they make their first online booking, their name and email address will be added to the linked email marketing tool.

If you have integrated SimpleClinic with MailChimp or ActiveCampaign for email marketing, we have added a configuration setting, to exclude specific practitioners from having their patient details added to the clinic's email marketing. 

To exclude the patients for specific practitioners from being added to email marketing, in Business Setup ->Marketing Integrations, locate the "Disable for Users" option. 

Click in the box and a list of all SimpleClinic users (practitioners) will appear. To exclude a practitioner and all their patients from email marketing, select the practitioner's name from the list, and it will be added to this field.

Remember to click on the Save.

It is best to also clear your internet browser's cache. You can find instructions on how to do this here

NB - Using this option to prevent a practitioner's patients from being added to email platforms won't remove any existing patients who may have already previously been added to your email list. 

Email integrations are triggered when a new patient is added:

  1. In the patients screen, by clicking on the Add New button, or
  2. In the diary screen, but clicking on an available time slot and adding a new patient, or
  3. A new patient booking a service through online booking

Disabling email integrations from the Diary screen

If you wish to disable email integrations for one or more practitioners, you will also need to set some other settings, to disable email integrations when a new patient is added from the Diary screen.

In the Business Setup->Diary Settings, toggle the "Require Practitioner Link on Create" to YES, to force the user to select and assign the practitioner to the new patient on the bookings screen. Because the email integration is linked to a specific practitioner, to prevent a practitioner's patient from being added to the email list, this setting must be changed to YES. 

Click on the Save button to save the changes.