This article describes how to change the behaviour when SimpleClinic sends invoices to Xero to leave the invoice status in Xero as awaiting payment.  When running your bank reconciliation you will then have the option to match these invoices to a merchant settlement.

To set your invoices to "Match payments", go to Business Setup -> Integrations -> Xero -> Configure -> Click step 2, in the last column choose from the drop down menu to match payments.

Click save in the top right hand corner -> Logout of SimpleClinic and login again.

Send your invoice from SimpleClinic to Xero, for steps on this click here.

Once complete the invoices will be accessible in Xero under the Accounts -> Sales -> Awaiting Payment tab.  The invoice Number will be the SimpleClinic invoice ID.

Perform your bank reconciliation in the usual way. When encountering a line that contains your merchant settlement you can click the Match tab to match against specific Xero invoices.

This will then allow you to select which invoices the specific merchant settlement applies to from the list of invoices waiting payment.

Once you have successfully matched the entire amount of the merchant settlement the Reconcile button will turn green allowing you to save the reconciliation and move onto the next line in your bank statement.