SimpleClinic includes many built-in reports which can be used for checking and monitoring many aspects of your clinic, including marketing, financials, KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) on patients and practitioners, orders, inventory, and more!

Clicking Report Centre from the main navigation bar will take you to the reporting page.

Select the required report, and the report will be displayed. You can also use the Print and Download CSV buttons to print the report or to save the data into a file which can be opened and edited in Excel.

Please bear in mind, if you change the date range you will need to select the RUN button again to refresh the new dates you specified before altering your category you would like to report on.

Bear in mind that the results of some reports will be limited to your user access level.

A list of current reports and their descriptions or use is as follows:

Report Name


Top 20 PatientsThis reports shows your top 20 patients in a period - based on the start and end date selected.
The report results are dependent on the user logging in. For example:
  • an admin or reception user will be shown the top 20 patients for the entire clinic for the chosen period. 
  • an employee or practitioner user will be shown the top 20 patients who are assigned to them as a practitioner for the chosen period.  
Backorders ReportShows the invoices and order items that have been marked as back order.
Restricted to the invoice practitioner branding IF the user is either a practitioner OR an employee. Displays ALL invoices if the logged in user is an admin or reception role.
Orders Waiting Picking Report Customers and invoices which are awaiting pickup
Orders Needing Shipping Report Products and invoices which are ready to ship out to customers
Patients out of suppsProvides a report of patients that HAVE run out of supps or WILL run out of supps in the next 7 days based on the dosage associated with their most recent prescription and their LAST invoice date.
This report is intensive and runs each night.
This report requires admin, employee or reception access, so is not available to practitioner users.
Sales ReportThis is the report that you should generate each day, or each week or each month to send to Xero if required.
This report will show all invoices that have ANY payment in the given date range, broken down into their payment method - EFTPOS, HiCAPS, cash, or other methods.
The most common use for this report is to check end of day/ next day takings.
The GST amount is ALWAYS the total GST amount of the full invoice NOT only the paid amount.
This report can be filtered by practitioner.
If the role is set to practitioner OR employee, it will only return sales for that user.
If the "hide vouchers" setting in Report Settings is set to Yes, invoices paid by voucher will be EXCLUDED, otherwise the will be included in this report.
Expense ReportThis report will list all expenses that have been paid within the given date range.
If the user is a practitioner OR employee, this report will return NO data.
Invoices not fully paidDisplays all invoices where there has been a part payment or NO payment to the invoice.
Restricted to the invoice practitioner branding IF the user is either a practitioner OR an employee. Displays ALL if the practitioner is admin or reception.
This report EXCLUDES invoices that have been set to hidden.
Referral SourcesThis report will show the new patients created in the given date range along with the patient's referral source, or how they found your clinic.
If the user is a practitioner, it will only show their own patients.
Daily ScheduleThis report will show appointments over a given date range broken down by day. It will include both patient appointments and blocks.
If is filterable by practitioner name.
If the patient is a practitioner or employee, it will only return events for them.
Revenue by Item Category ReportThis report returns all invoiced items with the amount paid and the GST amount. The amount paid is the total invoice amount paid -- the GST amount is the tax associated with the item.
This report allows filtering on the item category (ie, product, service, liquid herbal etc).
If the user is practitioner or employee, it will return only the sales specific to them.
Consult ReportThis report returns all services purchased (not product sales) that have been invoiced and ANY payment has occurred in the given date range.
The report can be filtered by practitioner name.
If the user is practitioner or employee, it will return only the sales specific to them.
Stock ReportThis report lists all inventory items which have been ordered or delivered, against how many items of each have been sold, and the amount on hand.
Patients Without AppointmentsThis report can be used for showing which patients haven't been booked into appointments after a given date.
This can be used for following up with the patients, if needed, to check on their progress or to book them in again for a follow-up consultation.
The report can be exported to a CSV file for email marketing or contacting via phone.
Stock on hand

This report shows your stock levels, along with the amount purchased and sold, and overall value.

Only items which have been ordered and received via Orders will be shown on this screen to be adjusted.