This feature enables you to manually adjust or set the stock levels for products. This can be done as part of a regular stocktake procedure, or if discrepancies in the stock levels are found.

NB – For you to adjust stock on hand, you need to place an order FIRST. After you have ordered some inventory items and received them within SimpleClinic, you MUST check and adjust the TOTAL stock on hand for those items by following the instructions in this article, or the automatic stock count in SimpleClinic may go out of sync with your actual physical stock and also show incorrect stock levels in the Stock Report!

Clicking Inventory -> Stock on Hand menu option from the SimpleClinic menu will allow you to make stock adjustments.

Only stock items which have been ordered and received via Orders will be shown on this screen to be adjusted.

The stock levels for each item is shown on this screen, and if an adjustment is needed, type in the correct stock count number in the "Adjust To" box.

When all stock levels have been corrected, click on the "Adjust All" button to save the changes. An "Adjustment" entry will be recorded in the Orders list, and the adjusted amounts can be seen and checked there.