Inventory -> Pricing Rules -> This allows you to + Add New pricing rule, a pricing rule will allow you to BULK increase OR decrease a supplier and category of items.

1. Click on the Add New button to create a new rule. 


2. Select the Supplier and Item Category. The Rule Action selection will allow you to add or subtract a % amount from the SELL PRICE in SimpleClinic for your own pricing. The Amount will be the % to be added or subtracted to/from the SELL PRICE. Click on OK to save the new pricing rule.

Note: If you are selecting a particular feed, the supplier and the category are the same.

You can add more rules for different suppliers or categories as needed.

Click on the Delete button to remove any pricing rule.

Please note: that the pricing rule does NOT change the SELL PRICE of any product item in the inventory. 

The pricing rule is only applied when an item is added to an invoice!