Service Options can be additional or optional tasks or services a patient may request or that a practitioner may want to perform for a patient. Service Options are usually small tasks which may need additional time to do in a consultation, such as:

  • Iridology
  • Live blood analysis (Hemaview)
  • VLA or bio-impedance testing
  • Oligoscan
  • In-clinic food sensitivity testing (such as Food Detective etc)
  • or any other testing required.

Service Options may need additional time added to the usual consultation duration, and the Diary will be updated accordingly to allow for this additional time.

From the Service Listing you can add Service Options by clicking into a service you would like to edit and select the Add Service Option button. 

This will display a modal to add or delete options for each service.  Options are linked with specific services, once the options are defined they will display when creating a new event.

Each option is defined with an option name and how many minutes to add to the duration.  If the option makes no difference to the duration just enter 0.