Favourite Protocols are used in a prescription. These are useful to quickly complete a prescription that include multiple recommendations and prescribed supplements and remedies. This is especially useful if see patients regularly for a particular condition.


Protocols can be created by going to: 

Content -> Favourite Protocols -> Add -> Give your protocol a name, such as Gut health stage 1 -> Add keywords, keywords are useful to search through your protocols list.  Especially if you have many protocols or similar protocols. You will add the following:


  • Practitioner Note
  • Patient Note
  • Dietary Advice
  • Lifestyle Advice


And other relevant fields you may want to have typed up. However, these are the main ones to be filled out. Next, scroll to the very bottom until you see Prescription Items -> Click Add Item.


Please bear in mind, these protocols can be edited for each individual client after inserted into a prescription. Scroll to the top and click save in right hand corner.


Protocols can be used in prescriptions by going to Patients -> Select a patient record -> You can either go from Treatment Note to prescription or straight into a prescription by selecting PRESCRIBE. 

Withing the prescription, you have the option to Load Favourite Protocols Library right below the prescription details. 


This will load your protocols into a window and allow you to choose a protocol. Click the Use Protocol button to load a selected protocol into the current prescription. Please bear in mind that if you load a protocol, it will replace any existing information in your prescription. Please ensure you load your protocol first then make your changes.