When you receive an order from your supplier, you must first ensure items are in your inventory FIRST. It also recommended that BEFORE recording an order that you remove any duplicates from your inventory, as you may record an order and stock for one version and then add the OTHER version of the item to an invoice. This WILL affect your stock on hand totals.

If you have cloned a default item, you need ensure the Manufacturer Code has been changed as the stock on hand report will match totals for items based on the Manufacturer Code even if they have been hidden from the inventory.

If you are unsure of the above information, please do not proceed to record an order. Instead, please raise a support ticket by emailing support@simpleclinic.net

1. Click on the Inventory -> Orders option from the left hand main menu.

The orders list shows all previous orders in descending order (most recent at the top).

2. Select ADD 

To start your order, select a supplier -> Click the green plus button to start adding your items to your order and the quantity.

Once added, click SAVE. At this point, your inventory will be updated by these entries. Please see the note below if what you received is different. 

3. If you are emailing the order to your supplier, click the Email button in the top left hand corner (Provided you have recorded your account information for that supplier under Inventory -> Suppliers).

4, If you are entering an order to record retrospective stock you have on hand or to capture expiry and batch numbers of liquid herbals, enter this information then mark the order as RECEIVED -> SAVE.

5. If you have emailed the order to your supplier and you have received the physical shipment in clinic, you can come back and confirm that this is the order which has been delivered, including the quantities ordered. You mark the date the order was received -> SAVE. Once an order has been marked as received, you cannot make any further changes. 

NB – After you have received ordered items, you MUST check and adjust the TOTAL stock on hand for those items by following the instructions in the "Adjust the Stock on Hand" support article, or the automatic stock count in SimpleClinic may go out of sync with your actual physical stock and show incorrect stock levels in the Stock Report!