The recommended method for installing SimpleClinic online booking on your WordPress website is to use the iframe version.  This will also ensure future updates will be made available without requiring your plugin be updated.

This article assumes you already obtained your unique booking URL from support.  If you have not yet received a unique booking URL from support please email  

PLEASE NOTE: The following tags are not allowed on sites unless on a Premium Plan with WordPress and below for security reasons:

embed, frame, iframe, form, input, object, textarea

These tags may be used with sites on the Business Plan with plugins installed.

The source of this information can be found here.

These leaves you with the option to upgrade to a Business Plan OR to have a self hosted WordPress website.

To proceed with adding online booking to your website, please see the below steps:

Step 1: Login to your website's wp-admin console and navigate to the page you wish to edit.  (Pages -> All Pages -> Click Edit on the page to OR Add New)

Step 2: Click the + button in the top right hand corner to add in an iframe block. Click the block to add. 

Step 3: Enter the following code snippet.  The xx will be replaced with the code in your unique booking URL supplied by SimpleClinic. Please ensure the "?" before "view=iframe" is included. This is highly important as the diary will not load without it. (Example below)

<iframe src="" width="100%" height="600px"></iframe>

Ensure you click UPDATE and SAVE to ensure this change goes live. 

Your online booking is now installed and available on the page that you have published.