Newsletters and emails are a great way to keep in contact with your patients.  

SimpleClinic can be integrated with MailChimp so that any new patients that are created -- regardless of whether they are created manually, by a new appointment or through online booking -- are sent directly to your email list in MailChimp.

To setup the MailChimp integration, you will need your API Key and your List ID for the account you wish to link to in MailChimp.  

To do this, login to MailChimp as you normally would.  Then click on your name in the the bottom left hand circle. Select ACCOUNT.

From the Extras tab click the drop down and then select API keys.

The API key is listed under the section Your API Keys.  If you have only just created your MailChimp account you may not have any API keys displayed.

If you have no API Keys click Create a Key to add a new key and then copy the number that it displays.


Switch to SimpleClinic, select the Business Setup ->Your Clinic -> Marketing Integrations section, and paste the API key into the "API Key" field. 

Switch back to MailChimp as you will also need a List ID, or unique ID of the "Audience" you wish to save patient contact details to. 

To obtain your List ID, select "Audience" option from the left hand side.

The Audience screen will be shown. You can create multiple "lists" of contacts, with different lists being for different purposes. 

You can create one large group with all your contacts and use keyword tags or groups to create targeted marketing campaigns, or create separate groups, or both!

From the Audience screen, click manage audience on the right side -> select SETTINGS.

Your List ID  will be displayed at the bottom of the screen.  Copy this as we need this as well.

Switch back to SimpleClinic and paste the unique List ID into the "List ID" field.

By default, SimpleClinic will already map the patient first name and the patient last name to the FNAME and LNAME merge tags.  If you have defined additional merge tags in MailChimp, you can map other patient data to these fields. A full list of MailChimp merge tags can be found here.

Save the changes to the email settings by clicking SAVE.