Appointment types allow you to set up treatment note templates so you can have different questions for Initial, Follow Up, Report of Findings etc. 

1) Before creating appointment types, ensure to create your custom fields first. Custom fields are the areas you will type your information into. Click here.

2) After you created your custom fields, go to Content -> Appointment Types from the SimpleClinic menu. The main content area will then show a list of existing appointment types along with the custom fields that have been linked to that appointment type.

3) To add a new appointment type click Add New from the top action bar.  This will display a modal window to allow you to name your appointment type and a select box showing a list of all the available custom fields you can choose to link.

4) Give your appointment type a name such as "Initial Appointment". 

5) Select the custom fields you would like to include with the Appointment Type by putting a tick in the box. If you want fields in a different order, they need to be reordered from Content -> Custom Fields.

6) Click OK ->Your appointment type will now be available for use on your treatment notes screen.  

7) Create a new treatment note by going to Patients -> Select a patient and click Record -> Treatment Note from the action bar.  

8) Once the treatment note has been created you will be able to toggle the appointment type in the top right of the main content area.

Once you select an appointment type, the list of custom fields shown in the main treatment note area will be filtered based on the selected appointment type.  Continue to complete the treatment note as usual.

To see the above steps demonstrated, view the video below creating an example template: