When setting up online booking, you really want to ensure that patients can only book in hours that you are working.  We use a daily/weekly schedule in Employees to control the visibility of hours for online booking.  Each practitioner linked to your account can have their own working schedule.  These hours will then be used to calculate availability on the online booking platform.  

To access the practitioners and their scheduled hours, select Employees from the SimpleClinic menu.


Locate the practitioner user and click on the View button to look at their details. Scroll down to their Employee Schedule section. This is where you can set:

  • Days you are open or closed
  • Start time and end time for each day (ensure hours are valid)
  • If multiple locations are set up, you can choose your availability for each location

Click on the Save button in the top right hand corner to apply the changes.

Within your Diary, you can still manually book in appointments during the greyed out times for a practitioner. They are just there as a guide, primarily for reception staff. The only time they are enforced is through front end online booking.

If a practitioner works in the clinic and does online consultations, it may be best to use the multiple locations feature of SimpleClinic, so you can specify in this schedule the days that the practitioner may be working from the clinic or available for online consultations, or both. To setup multiple locations, click here: How to setup multiple locations within SimpleClinic