You will regularly see notifications appearing in the top right hand corner of the screen about requests that have loaded, updated, or created data remotely.  We have opted to provide as much information about what is happening in the background as possible.

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These notifications are colour coded and typically use red, orange, green, and blue.  

When accessing a patient record for a new patient, it is not uncommon to see a lot of red messages about the search returning no results.  

When you click on a patient name from the patient list, SimpleClinic will load up all the invoices, appointments, prescriptions, treatment notes, forms, and comments in the background.  For patient records that have just been created, these will not exist and the red notification box will return that no results were found.  This is expected behaviour.

As invoices, appointments, prescriptions, forms and treatment notes, are created and attached to this record the red notification boxes will disappear as results will start to be found for each of the background searches that occur.