After selecting Patients from the SimpleClinic menu, there are three ways a new client can be added into SimpleClinic. This displays the patients list.

  1. A new patient can be created by clicking the Add New button from the action bar on Patients list screen.
  2. A new patient will be created when booking an appointment through the Diary for a client that does not yet exist.
  3. A new patientt will be created when a user creates an online booking through your website but doesn't currently exist.

Please consider disabling and clear autofill to prevent patient information being overridden. Steps to this can be found here.

How to add a patient using the Add New button.

Select Patients - click the Add New button from the top right of the action bar. This will bring up the below screen:

Once the new patient details have been entered, just click OK. The new patient will be saved.

How to add a new client when creating an appointment?

When creating a new appointment, under patient details will give you the option add new patient or choose an existing one.

For a new record to be created from the appointment screen requires full name, mobile number and email address.

In the bottom right hand corner, click create patient -> then save. The new patient record will be created and an appointment will be created for this patient.

Patient Integrations

Regardless of how you created the patient, if you have enabled any marketing integrations (ie. MailChimp or ActiveCampaign), these will run when the patient is created. If a new patient is saved, their name and contact details will be sent to the email marketing list, and any automatic processes started (like an automatic email series, or initial forms etc). This automatic email integration process can be turned off for individual practitioners if required, in the Business Setup -> Your Clinic -> Marketing Integrations settings.